Pharmaceutical Bioanalysis Testing

bioanalysisBioanalysis utilizes analytical chemistry to determine the level of drugs, metabolites, proteins and other molecules which are present in biological systems.  Avogadro LS is able to provide bioanalysis testing for human and veterinary drug development through our preferred partner Eurofins Amatsi Analytics.  

Eurofins Amatsi Analytics has the expertise to be in compliance with the regulatory guidelines for EMA and FDA filings, Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Clinical Practices (GCP).


Eurofins Amatsi Analytics can work with a variety of pharmaceuticals, including:

  • small molecules
  • peptides
  • large molecules

Complex Matrices

Eurofins Amatsi Analytics can work with complex matrices, including:

  • feces
  • milk and eggs
  • skin and hair
  • fat, muscle and brain
  • liver and kidney
  • injection sites


Eurofins Amatsi Analytics bioanalysis equipment and methods include:

  • HPLC, UHPLC Flurorescence and DAD (Diode Array Det.)
  • Immunoassay

Bioanalysis Expertise

Eurofins Amatsi Analytics can provide our clients expertise in:

  • development
  • validation
  • preclinical (PK, TK)
  • clinical PK
  • ecotoxicology