Human and Veterinary Pharmaceutical Services

veterinary pharmaceutical servicesAll our studies are performed according to the applicable regulatory requirements (VICH, FDA, EMA guidelines). Avogadro LS’s studies can be managed according to the standards of Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs) and Good Clinical Practices (GCPs).

General Pharmaceutical Services Overview:  Avogadro LS can provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services related to human drug development including pre-clinical studies for pharmacokinetics, bioanalysis, drug-drug interaction, excretion, and surgical models.

Avogadro LS also provides a range of services supporting the veterinary pharmaceutical industry.  Avogadro LS’s expertise in veterinary research, target animal studies for veterinary pharmaceuticals and diagnostics includes target animal safety and target animal efficacy testing of drugs, biologics, vaccines, diagnostics, and devices.

Our Services

Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics


Safety & Efficacy - Human Drugs

Safety - Veterinary Drugs

Efficacy - Veterinary Drugs